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Press Relations

Mass media is a powerful way to instantly reach a wide audience. The targeted placement of your press releases and press kits can give you massive coverage and bring your message to the public at large.

Which is where a professional PR partner comes in – you can rely on me to ensure that your press releases and kits are always dressed for the occasion.

Take a look at some examples from my PR portfolio – and contact me directly if you would like to know more:

Press Releases

Press Kits

Press Releases

Press releases are at the heart of your public relations work. I can draft your press releases, and, if required, send them to your press agent at the newspaper, magazine, radio, TV or online provider.

Press release

EUR 325.00

Press Kits

Your press kit tells journalists everything they need to know about your company. Combined with regular press releases, it is the cornerstone of your long-term press relations work.

Press kit

EUR 1045.00

Individual press kit texts

EUR 325.00

All prices shown here are non-binding estimates and do not include VAT, sales tax, or additional charges such as postage and packaging.

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Communication knowledge base

The textgewandt communication knowledge base bundles the PR insights and tips presented over the past months and years. (in German)


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