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Editorial and cosmetic review

Have you written a book or are you planning to do so? Or maybe you have authored a long article? If so, did you experience difficulty in finding the right words? Or do you have some corporate communications where you are not 100 percent happy with the wording and tone?

Then it's time to call textgewandt. My review services will help you sharpen the image of existing content and communication.

Take a look at some examples from my review portfolio – and contact me directly if you would like to know more:

Editorial review

Cosmetic review

Editorial review

I will check your text thoroughly and edit it into shape. This extensive review includes the structure, style, positioning of statements and is typically accompanied by a final cosmetic review.

Editorial review

starting at EUR 8.50 per standard page

Cosmetic review

You're happy with the quality of your documents but want to double-check that no grammar or spelling mistakes have slipped through the net?

Cosmetic review

starting at EUR 3.50 per standard page

All review prices shown here are non-binding estimates for a standard page and do not include VAT, sales tax, or additional charges such as printouts.

A standard page corresponds to 1500 characters source text, blanks included.

A flat-rate is applicable to shorter texts.

textgewandt now in Jena

textgewandt has moved - please remember the new address. Offers and quality remain the same!

Communication knowledge base

The textgewandt communication knowledge base bundles the PR insights and tips presented over the past months and years. (in German)


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